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Para sport is open to anyone with a physical disability and it can be played by athletes with a visual disability, a spinal cord injury, amputations, cerebral palsy, spinal bifida, multiple sclerosis, and other physical disabilities. There are also clubs and sports who welcome persons without a physical disability to play. Para sport welcomes individuals to participate both recreationally and at the competitive level and there has been remarkable growth in para sport over the past few decades. There are currently 27 sports that are part of the summer and winter Paralympic Games and the Canadian Paralympic Committee works with 38 para sports in Canada — 31 summer and 7 winter (Canadian Paralympic Committee, 2012).

Participant testimonials:

“Boccia is like a mixture of curling and bowling. I’d never even heard of it before I tried it but it was so easy to play and understand the game. I learned that it doesn’t matter what your disability is, you can still play! Boccia just has so many options, like I was able to use a ramp to throw the ball. I would really like to play again soon.”
– Ron Stiles, Fredericton

“My first clinic with Para NB – Sport & Recreation was the para-badminton clinic. I thought it was awesome because I got to interact with people that have different disabilities than I. I found the clinic well put together and learned a lot about the sport.  As I said before, the badminton clinic was my first clinic and after leaving I was excited to hear what clinics they had coming up and since then I have been to two more clinics. I believe Para NB – Sport & Recreation is amazing at finding sports we as people with disabilities can participate in because they’re hard to find in New Brunswick.”
– Kourtney Stevenson, Moncton

“Thank you very very much for inviting me to try sledge hockey. It was the best sport experience of my life!”
– Eric Roy, Bathurst

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